Terms and Conditions

Driver’s Requirements

  1. Driver’s Age. Min-Max Age of Drivers: 23 – 75 Years Old. All drivers must hold their driving licence  for at least 1 year. Drivers aged 23 and 24 years old must have held their full driving licence for a minimum of two years and are subject to a Young Drivers surcharge of 30 GBP per day. Additionally, Young Drivers must book and rent vehicles that fall under our mini, economy and compact groups (Groups A, B and C) only.
  1. Age-related charges and restrictions will apply to all additional drivers.
  1. Proof of Address / Documentation
    The customer (main driver and any additional driver/s) will also be required to provide secondary photographic identification (passport or national ID card) and proof of address or residence matching the driving licence address. Customers on inbound flights to airport branches will require proof of flight in the form of their boarding pass. Customers not flying in to an airport rental branch will be subject to a consumer credit check.  ID documents must be hard copy and documents held on mobile devices cannot be accepted. Proof of address documents must be bank or credit card statements or utility bills issued within the past 3 months. Please check with the renting branch at the time of reservation

DVLA check code (https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence)

In summary, documents required by any driver are:

  •   Driving License
  • Secondary photographic ID (Passport/ID Card)
  • Credit card in the main driver’s name
  • DVLA Check Code or National Insurance Number (if you hold a UK driving license)
  • Proof of address such as a utility bill or bank statement issued within the last 4 months (UK residents)
  • Boarding Pass (if non-UK resident and flying in to UK)

Restriction to Rent

  • Persons who have been convicted of ANY MAJOR conviction during the past 5 years, or have any such prosecution pending are NOT acceptable. MAJOR conviction codes being: AC10-AC30 / DD10-DD80 / LC30-LC50 / BA10-BA30 / DR10-DR90 / MS40-MS90 / UT10-UT50 / CD40-CD70 / IN10 / NE99 / TT99 / XX99

Insurance excess waiver & Covers (Included in our prices)

  • Third Party Liability Protection (TP): Third-Party liability covers the driver’s liability for damage to any third-party property. The hirer is still liable for the excess amount, as stated on the rental agreement. Insurance excess waiver can be purchased to reduce the excess amount.
  • Fire and Theft Waiver (FTW): Theft Waiver limits the driver’s liability for costs incurred by fire or theft of the rental car – or damage incurred by the theft or attempted theft – up to £1500 (except luxury cars), subject to the terms of the rental agreement.
  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW): Collision Damage Waiver limits the driver’s liability (excess) up to £1500 (excluding luxury cars) in the event that the rental car is damaged,subject to the rental agreement. This protection applies to all authorised drivers of the rental car only.
  • Bookings excluding collision damage waiver (CDW) and theft protection (TP) the hirer must present proof of having their own at the point of pickup. This must be in the form of a bank letter issued in their name. Hirer accepts unlimited liability up to the full market value of the rental car in the event of damage or theft.

Security Deposit:

A Security Deposit equal to your liability (excess) is required to be taken from the main drivers Credit Card. The Security Deposit is NOT held when Zero Excess is chosen.

Local Hirer A local hirer is someone who hasn’t arrived through the airport and/or hasn’t got a return flight ticket. Local hirers who wish to reduce their excess to Zero, must agree (and pass) a credit check. Otherwise they must hold a credit card with at least £200 Available.

Vehicle Condition

  • Condition: Vehicles must be returned to the location/drop off point in the same condition as when it was picked up/delivered. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the vehicle is thoroughly checked prior to taking custody of the vehicle.
  • The client accepts responsibility for taking due care and attention of the vehicle. Failure to do so and loss or damage to the interior of the vehicle is deemed negligent and nullifies the excess limits and any waivers taken. The client becomes responsible for all costs incurred.
  • Whilst in charge of the vehicle the client accepts responsibility for maintaining the roadworthiness of the vehicle and agrees to take remedial action to avoid unnecessary cost/damage. This will include maintaining oil levels, tyre pressures and other common sense actions to maintain the vehicle. Costs will generally be covered if a receipt is provided.
  • In keeping with industry standards and association guidelines, short term vehicle rental does not have a margin of fair wear and tear for damage. A short term rental is any hire for which the duration is less than 90 consecutive days. Therefore any change to the condition of the vehicle during the rental will be the responsibility of the customer.

Vehicle Group/Model

Reservations are confirmed for a group and not a particular model unless shown otherwise. We regret we are unable to guarantee a particular make/model or fuel type of vehicle unless a guaranteed model group has been booked. The vehicle shown on any documentation is for guidance only and may be substituted with an alternative, similar or upgraded vehicle at our discretion.
Model groups described as “or similar” are not guaranteed, model groups described as “make model guaranteed” are guaranteed model groups.


When you book a car online through us you’ll get a standard, free 100 miles per day for rentals of 1-29 days. For hires over 30 days, the total weekly mileage is 500 per week. You can purchase unlimited mileage at the rental counter if you will need more. The charge for exceeding the mileage allowance is 30 pence / mile, charged at the end of your rental.

Out of Hour's Service

if an out of hours service is available then rentals will attract a £30 (including vat) charge payable on collection. Out of hours requests are treated as on request and cannot be guaranteed.Not all locations offer out of hour’s returns and a 24 hour service should not be assumed where out of hours service is offered.

Payment Methods

In order to collect your car, we require a pre-authorisation deposit on a credit card in the name of the main driver. Alternatively, you can purchase an excess waiver package with a credit or debit card. Please note, payment by debit card requires excess to be reduced to zero. For further information on our insurance terms please see below under Insurance excess waiver & Covers.

If you are a UK resident using a debit card you must also agree to and pass a credit check. Urentacar Branches do not accept cash payments or prepaid cards. We accept all Credit and Debit Cards as well as Union Pay. Payment cards cannot expire within the same month as the rental for insurance purposes.

Car Types

The vehicles displayed and models are our most common vehicles in the category. We will provide you with either this model or a similar vehicle in size and engine type.
We cannot guarantee that the make or model of the rental vehicle will be the same as the vehicle displayed on our website.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of your reservation should be made in writing at least 24 hours prior to the start of your rental, or cancelled through your account on the Urentacar’s website.  Please note that telephone cancellations will be accepted.
Cancellation Administration Charge

For pay on arrival reservations made online, the no-show/cancellation fee will equal the pre-paid amount and no refund will be due.
All prepaid reservations will be subject to a minimum cancellation fee of £15.

The refund amount for cancellations will be calculated in line with the below:

  1. Cancellation notification sent 7 or more days before the start date: the prepaid amount will be refunded minus a £15 admin fee.
  2. Cancellation notification sent 3-6 days before the start date: 50% of the prepaid amount will be refunded.
  3. Cancellation notification sent 2 days before the start date: 25% of the prepaid amount will be refunded.
  4. Cancellation notification sent 0-1 days before the start date: no refund due.

For any bookings where the prepaid amount is less than £15, there will be no refund due regardless of when the cancellation request was made.

The notice period is based on a day being a 24 hour period, up to the start time, not a calendar day.

Early Returns/Unused Rental Days

No refunds (partial or full) will be given for rentals ended early, late collections, no shows or cancellations made after the rental start date.

Rental Extensions

Please note that it may not always be possible for the hiring branch to extend the hire. Where the branch agrees to extend the hire, the rental will be charged at the prevailing rate which may be higher or lower than the original booking rate.

Non-authorized rental extension
Penalty above the rental charge and the driver will be black listed (declined for future bookings) Charges are detailed in the damage matrix available at the rental counter.

Delivery and Collection

A delivery and collection service may be available within normal opening hours. Charges will apply. Please contact the location for details.

Fuel Policy

Urentacar bookings operate a level to level fuel policy, no fuel deposit is required on any van hire reservation. For car bookings, please see below:

  1. All cars are taken with a full tank of fuel. A fuel deposit will be taken for all full/full rentals. This is refunded at the end of the rental if the car is returned with a full tank. If returned with less fuel, the fuel charges will be deducted from the fuel deposit.
  2. The full tank of fuel can be purchased at the start of the rental at national pump prices. No mark-up on up front fuel is levied.*
  3. If the rental is taken on a “full-to-full” basis, the car must be returned with a full tank of fuel from a garage no more than 5 miles away from the car rental branch. Proof of this (receipt / credit card receipt) is required when the car is returned.
  4. If the car is returned less than a full tank, the refuelling charge is 3.00 GBP per litre, plus a refuelling admin fee of 9.50 GBP. All prices are plus tax.
  5. If the car is returned without proof of a local fill-up, the car will be taken to the local garage and re-filled up. All fuel added will be charged at 3 GBP per litre, plus a refuelling admin fee of 9.50 GBP. All prices are plus tax.

*No refund for any unused fuel at the end of the rental.


Urentacar operate a no smoking policy for all vehicles. If you have smoked or allowed smoking within the vehicle charges will apply. This includes allowing cigarette (or cigar) smoke or ash into the vehicle, which would imply the above. Charges are detailed in the damage matrix available at the rental counter.

Valeting/Animal in our vehicles

We request no animals are transported in our vehicle unless contained. A valeting fee may be applied to rectify any soiling due to animal transportation. The minimum fee will be at least £40 plus VAT (£48 including VAT).

In the event that a vehicle is returned in an unclean condition (internally or externally) and requires more than our standard clean, a valeting charge of £40 plus VAT (£48 including VAT) will apply. Hazardous soiling requiring specialist cleaning will be charged according to the nature of the specialist required.

Vehicle Trackers

Some of our vehicles contain tracking devices which will be used in accordance with our data protection policy.

Late Returns

A vehicle is hired for a contracted period as detailed on the rental agreement. There is a grace period of 29 minutes at the end of a hire after which charges will apply.

After the grace period, Urentacar  will class the booking as late back and additional charges will fall due.  The charges will be applied at either a fixed rate of £36 including VAT; the agreed daily extension rate as per the rental agreement or the prevailing daily rate, whichever is higher.

The prevailing daily rate will apply and will include any billable optional extras such as baby seats, additional drivers or damage waivers already taken.  The charge will be applied to the card used for security at the start of the hire.


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